2017 Guide to Evergreen Content

Content plays a vital role in any successful website. While content trends do change over time, certain types of content never go out of style. Let’s take a look at evergreen content – what is it, how it’s created and why it’s a great idea for your site.

Evergreen Content Defined

The term “evergreen content” might sound familiar. This is because the phrase originates from the evergreen tree, which retains its leaves all year long. Similarly, evergreen content is designed to stay relevant regardless of current trends.

Of course, all blog posts and articles published online never truly disappear. But evergreen content is designed to grow traffic over a long period of time. Evergreen content published today will ideally still be viewed months or even years from now.

Let’s take a quick look at what isn’t evergreen content:

  • News articles
  • Trend stories related to pop culture or fashion fads
  • Articles related specific holidays or seasons

For instance, any articles related specifically to last year’s election are pretty obsolete by now.

Popular Types of Evergreen Content

Certain article structures are often found in evergreen content. Here are some common evergreen types:

  • Product Reviews
  • Lists (of products, services, etc.)
  • How-To Guides and instructional tutorials
  • Videos

Videos are a great option for product demonstrations. If you want to show someone how to make a recipe, change a flat tire or do anything else physical, a video is often the clearest teaching tool. Photos, illustrations and other static media are a good option when video isn’t possible.

How to Write Evergreen Articles

First, your evergreen content must directly relate to your industry. But they don’t have to directly relate to the products or services you provide. For instance, if you sell dog grooming products, your content should always relate to the larger topic of pet care.

Evergreen content is often written for beginners. One issue is that many beginner topics – in practically every industry – are already well-covered. That’s okay. If possible, find a unique angle. Otherwise just write the most engaging article you can.

Another way to make your content stand out from the crowd is to simply make it longer. Long-form content offers you the opportunity to go into great detail on a subject. While long-form content does take longer to create, evergreen content is designed to stick around for a while. A comprehensive guide can have immense staying power.

Don’t Forget to Include SEO

When developing your evergreen content, always keep optimization opportunities in mind. Base your content around important and relevant keywords whenever possible. Keywords help your content generate traffic and shares over the long haul.

Evergreen Content Tips

Evergreen content is here to stay. You’ll want to write each article with an eye on long-lasting reader engagement. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating evergreen content:

Keep your subject specific. If your topic is too broad, your keywords won’t have as much of an impact. This can reduce the reach of your content. Stick to as narrow a topic as possible.

Write for beginners. You’re an expert in your industry. But you don’t want to overload your content with complicated, technical language. Most experts aren’t searching for how-to guides and tutorials. Your main audience will be beginners looking to learn the basics.

Link posts together. You want to build up a solid base of content – and then link those articles together with anchor text. This not only helps your SEO but also encourages readers stay on your site longer.

Re-purpose your existing content. The evergreen content on your site doesn’t need to be static. You can get extra mileage out of your content by using it as the basis for podcasts, videos and other formats.

Don’t Forget to Be Topical, Too

Evergreen content serves an important purpose. But it’s not the only type of content you need on your site. Topical content also helps connect with readers and improve your site’s search ranking.

The internet is all about immediacy. People want to know what’s new and what’s current. If you can connect your posts to current events, you’ll likely see a boost in search results. Your blog section should be a mix of both evergreen and time-sensitive topics.

Do you use evergreen content on your site? What topics have proven successful in the long-term? Share your evergreen content strategies below:



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