5 Tools for the Lazy Web Designer

Sometimes we get lazy from time to time, but still need to get some website work done. Fortunately, there are thousands of tools to help designers, with some being more beneficial than others. Here are 5 of the best tools for web designers I’ve found so far.

They deal with a variety of topics covering typography, colors, navigation, layouts, and dummy text. Hopefully these tools can also help a lazy designer find the first small step into getting back into the designing routine.

1. Easy Typography: Typechart.com

Sometimes we know exactly what we need to get out of a design’s typography, but we just don’t want to take the time to review font choices and text sizes. This also goes without saying that we don’t like to deal with the smaller details, like line-height or letter-spacing, to get the perfect look.

That’s why Typechart.com has come to the rescue. With this handy website, you can preview hundreds of typography combinations and choose a look that’s perfect for your design. When you’ve chosen one, just click the “Get CSS” button on the right, and viola, you’ve got yourself a font style.



2. Easy Color Choices: Color Scheme Designer 3

Finding the right colors for a design can be frustrating, even if you know the general color scheme you’d like to go for. Color Scheme Designer 3 uses the principles of color to create matching and complimenting colors for you, so there’s no need for you to worry about the science behind the palette.

The best part is, this tool comes with a bunch of customizable options, including how you would like to use the colors on the color wheel, saturation/brightness and contrast (within the ‘Adjust Scheme’ tab), and the specific hues you’d like to choose. From then on, you can use the hexadecimal values (‘Scheme Info’ tab), and even see what they would look like in a light or dark layout via the ‘Light page example’ and ‘Dark page example’ tabs respectively.



3. Easy Navigations: TabsGenerator.com

Creating navigation tabs can be a redundant part of making a web design, but it’s usually worth it in the end. This tool will take half the work out by designing it for you– all you have to do is provide a few details.

This tool is nearly 100% customizable, and can create tabs to accomodate any design. From basic sizing to corner radius and hexadecimal color values, even the tab orientation, a designer can create attractive and effective tab designs that will add extra flare to the web layout.


Tabs Generator

4. Easy Layouts: YAML Builder

Hand coding a new layout each time for a new design can be frustrating, even if part of the job is automated for you. This tool will do it all for you: YAML Builder. YAML stands for “Yet Another Multicolumn Layout”, and is meant to ease you of pain when creating yet another layout that you know how to build, but just don’t want to.

This layout generator is completely customizable, but implements an easy-t0-use visual interface that is sure to amaze. It also comes with some preset layouts to use or build upon. Create a layout, add your content, and get the code– simple as that. When all is said and done, the builder supplies you, the designer, with some very nicely formatted code, and is therefore easy to customize later on.


YAML Builder

5. Dummy Text: BlindTextGenerator.com

Dummy text is always needed to text out typography, div sizes, and overall layout feel before going live on a site. There are plenty of dummy text generators out there, but BlindTextGenerator.com is fast–and very easy to use. Just plug in the type of dummy text you want, and how much text you need, and there you go.

The best part about this specific generator is that it allows you to put in dummy numbers, something a lot of dummy text generators do not offer. This way, you can create dummy text for phone number and contact information as well as other content.


Blind Text Generator


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