CSS Galleries – Getting the best out of them


One of the biggest trends of today is the creation of CSS galleries to help web designers research for some type of inspiration, or just to check out what others are doing. For others, it is a way to get good exposure and recognition for a nice design.

Here will go over some of the most famous CSS galleries of today to see how we can get the best out of them.

CSS galleries are everywhere and they are very useful for web designers, specially when working on a low budget project that doesn't allow to spend much time doing research you can quickly go to a CSS galleries and find some related websites and some nice trends to inspire your creation.

The truth is, most of these css galleries are very messy and don't really make the best out of it. The main reason why we go to a css gallery website is because of not having much time to research on our own, so we going there to find results quick and not to browse around as if it was a book full of websites unless you not really sure what you looking for.

Here is how a CSS gallery website will win your heart.

Good Categories

Finding a CSS gallery with a good range of categories will definitely refine your search and get you quicker to what you want to see. This is crucial so forget the ones that don't even have any categories. If you going to browse around a CSS gallery for research is better off doing the research on your own with Google.

CSSHeroes categorize their content by the industry of the website displayed. Ex: Art, Charity, Education, Fashion ...

csselite displays the categories based on the design of the websites displayed. Ex: Dark, Colorful, Unique ...

css-website has a great display of categories that are also followed by the options of browsing by date, color or just do a search.

csscreme also display their content by categories, date, and color.

Good Search Engine

The first thing a lot of viewers do when they log in to a css gallery is to go straigh for the search and type what they looking for hoping for some fast results, but not always happens. Some of these CSS Galleries really lack on the search not making a good use of tags that can amplify searchs to the smallest details.

cssmania seems to tag their content very well making it easy to do a search and find exactly what you looking for.

cssbased has a good search engine that will pick up colors and other detailed searches.

cssdrive allows you to do an advanced search with a couple options to refine your search.

Good Display

A lot of times this is also what it comes down to. No matter if the gallery has good categories and a good search, if it doesn't display it's content in a good way gets hard to go through it and find what we are looking for.

bestwebgallery display the websites in thumbs but when you rollover they give you a better and bigger preview of what you about to click which is definitely a plus stead of just the thumbs.

cssmayo doesn't have any categories or search engine but they do know how to display their content. Really big previews of the website takes away the need of looking forward to find out more, they show it all upfront saving time and clicks.

cssfreshblend also show their content on thumbs that get really big when you roll over giving you a better idea of what you looking at.


There are plenty of other css galleries that you can go but most of them won't give you good options to find what you need. Here are some of them:





For more visit thecssgallerylist.com for a big list of css gallery websites.


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