All About -Latest Google Algorithm Update-Fred

All About -Latest Google Algorithm Update-Fred

On the March 7th and 8th, 2017 Google made a big change which was enough for many website owners and digital marketing companies to note some of the minimal changes in web traffic and page rankings. However, it is being believed that with the new algorithm update, which is simply called as “Fred”, is targeted mainly on websites which are having low quality content and backlinks. Moreover, considering that these two factors occur simultaneously and websites which have hired SEO companies to quickly create low quality contents and backlinks.

On the other hand, Google recently confirmed about the update related to Fred’s algorithm, but they did not provide much information about it. The only hint they gave to the website owners was that Fred targeted websites which did not match the webmasters’ guidelines. In addition, based on our recent research at StatCounter, we have find out that websites that are having low quality content and provides artificial backlinks, which are meant to earn revenue have been the most affected by this update.

In this blog, we will talk about latest Google algorithm update Fred in brief.

What is Google Fred?

Google Fred is a recent algorithm update that points to black hat tactics tied with aggressive monetization. This includes an overload of ads, low value content and few added benefits for the user. This does not mean that all sites affected by the Google Fred update are fictitious sites created for ad revenue, but many affected websites were content or blog websites which are having large Amount of ads and seem to be created for the purpose of generating income on solving users problem.


A website punished by Google Fred. The ads which are highlighted in yellow and are the highlighting this page. The content is unclear and thin for purpose.

What All Websites are Affected by Google Fred Update?

The following mentioned below websites are affected by Google Fred update:

  • A website having large presence of ads.
  • Content or blog in all sorts of topics created for page ranking purpose.
  • Content which has ads or provides links spread throughout, and the quality of content is way to below the industry standards.
  • Deceptive ads
  • Thin and less word count content
  • UX/UI barriers
  • Mobile issues
  • Aggressively monetized
  • Aggressive affiliate setups

How to Recover Websites from Google Fred Update?

The recent Google Fred algorithm was designed to focus on limiting black-hat SEO tactics for aggressively monetizing. Therefore, one of the biggest fix is to scale down your ads and create good quality content.

For a complete recovery of your website and for making it completely work fine with Google Fred, we recommend:

  • Reduce the number of ads on your website
  • Review all the Google Search Quality Guidelines (QRG) and follow the all directions closely if possible.
  • Review the placement of ads on your website. Are they contributing to bad user experience?
  • Review the user experience of your website and run a program periodically. Keep betting on your content created by you.
  • Review content to make sure it serves a purpose to your user and that purpose should be described using metadata and tags

The first thing you should do is manually browse through your website. Then check whether It is easy to use or not. Do the ads greet you where you are looking to explore. Is your content scraped or extremely less in word count? Think about your website users. If it is not something you would like to see on other websites, you need to remove it from your website as soon as possible. For generating more traffic on your website.

Best SEO Tactics for Google Fred Update?

If you are looking for Google Fred’s upgrade SEO tactics, we recommend that you should first check the Google Quality Score Guidelines and make sure that each part of your website content meets best adopted practices. These are the factors mentioned below that Google considers very important when it comes to quality:

  • Clear indication of who is owner of the website
  • Clear indication of what the web page is about
  • A well-maintained and up-to-date web page, that it is error free, loaded quickly and has less technical flaws.
  • Excellent website reputed content which requires at least one of the following. Time, experience, effort, and talent or ability to right the user friendly content.

Wrapping Up

It is not the very first algorithm update that Google has implemented for promoting great quality content, and most probably it will not be the final one. Moreover, the best method to avoid or to recover from a Google Fred penalty is to completely concentrate on creating great quality, in depth and authoritative content on your website. In addition, if your website has contains a lot of old content you want to go back through and optimize those pages so that it can meet the quality standards. Here is a link to Google’s latest quality guide:

In addition, since Google said that these targeted website updates were not following the webmaster rules and guidelines, you might want to review it to make sure that you are not accidentally making practice of any black hat or outdated SEO techniques. For the rest of the year, you should completely focus on creation of great quality content for your website instead of generating large amounts of cheap and low quality written content.

This was a guest post contributed by: Anmol Verma


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