Internet Marketing Freebies You’ll Want to Use Today

Who doesn’t love something for nothing?

There are a lot of paid options for your digital campaign. You can buy ads on search engines and social media. You can pay professionals to create blog posts, videos, podcasts and more. You can bid on keywords. In short, there are plenty of ways you can spend money on SEO.

Today we’re going to “stick it to the man” and discuss a few ways to boost your digital marketing efforts without spending a penny. Don’t worry – these are all perfectly above board, white hat techniques you can easily implement today.

Let’s get started:

Comment on Blog Posts

Free, easy and simple. As part of your SEO efforts, you should develop a presence in your industry. This means networking with influencers in your field.

Adding comments to blog posts helps your brand name gain exposure. You’ll also help increase your brand’s reputation as an authority.

Keep your comments on-topic, useful and friendly. Add helpful information which directly relates to the subject. Or ask genuine questions which show you understand the basic material.

Avoid mentioning your brand name directly. People don’t respond well to blatant advertising in a blog comment. Instead, comment with your full name and company name. A quick Google search should bring any interested parties to your website.

I understand the urge to end your blog posts with a link directly to your site. This certainly seems like it would attract more people compared to forcing folks to search for you on their own. The truth is this is another situation where the obvious attempt at marketing will often backfire.

Schedule some time each week to comment on blogs. Try to pick a few different blogs and leave some thoughtful comments. I devote two hours every Wednesday and an hour on Friday. This gives new blogs a chance to show up on various sites.

Need help finding blogs in your industry to comment on? Check out how to Connect with Bloggers Using These Top Outreach Tools.

Connect with Traditional Media

In the Internet age, should you even bother with traditional media outlets? Absolutely.

A news story about your product can generate massive exposure, often literally overnight. The trick is to find an honest-to-goodness newsworthy angle.

Not every news is first page material. Your product might be part of a trend, making it perfect for a feature story. Or your product might have some interesting new technical specification. This could be a story for the Technology section of a newspaper or magazine.

Here’s the thing. Professional reporters are busy people. Your press releases need to be basically ready for print. If you don’t know this format yourself, you have two options. You can hire a professional or use one of the following tools:

Double-check all of your information for accuracy before sending anything out. Mistakes and other inaccurate information can really damage your PR and your chances of further interest from the media organization.

Create a Google+ Account

Remember back in 2011 when Google+ first hit the Internet? I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited at what was being touted as a significant alternative to Facebook. I don’t think I was alone with that expectation!

Today, I think we can all agree that Google+ didn’t really live up to the hype as a social media platform. But by no means is Google+ completely useless. If your brand doesn’t already have a Google+ account, claim one today. Also claim your personal account.

Your brand account will mainly be used to network with others in your industry. Your personal account can be used to leave comments on blogs as discussed above.

Connect your personal account to your brand account. You now have an easy way for potential customers to find your brand – without having to look like you’re commenting on blogs solely to advertise.

These simple strategies can lead to a big increase in conversion rates and brand awareness. Plus, the price really can’t be beat!

What’s the best free SEO tip you have? Is it a tool, strategy or something else entirely? Share your favorite freebie in the comment section below:


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