3 Ways to Use Blogger Outreach for Your B2B Marketing


We’re living in the digital era, but a lot of modern day consumers want or prefer to hear about a product or brand through word of mouth instead of a self-promotional ads blaring on their TV screens. If you think about it, will you believe the information about a person if it comes from his or her lips or if a friend does the talking for him or her?

Your answer is no because you want to research more, you want to ask someone who knows the truth. The same ideology applies to B2B marketing. You can look at bloggers as friends who talk about your products or services to consumers who don’t know about your brand yet.

If you think that blogger outreach is only intended for B2C companies, well, you better think again. It’s applicable for B2B marketing too! Here’s the thing, you can talk about how good or needed your product or service for as much as you want but it’s a whole new, different story when the influencers share the same sentiments with you.

Why Blogger Outreach for B2B?

It’s important to build a healthy relationship with bloggers in your industry as it could be the life net of your marketing strategy. You can engage with a blogger whenever you want, but make sure you have something to say when reaching out. Just in case you’re not aware, bloggers receive tons of emails every day, so go ahead and give them a good impression.

Case in point: If you start off on the wrong footing, there’s a possibility that they will disregard your emails in the future.

There’s a ton of benefits that lies in having a credible influencer or blogger in your target audience to endorse your product or service base on experience. This person can recommend your brand whenever and wherever because he or she has followers and they listen to him or her. BlogHer reveals that 81% of online consumers trust the advice and information from blogs.

If you're one of those marketers who want to improve their marketing efforts through blogger outreach, read the proactive strategies below and incorporate them in your future endeavors for the B2B sector.

Make an Ideal Customer Profile

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