How did you become interested in becoming a webmaster, designer, or developer?

Share your experience on how you got into creating websites, no matter what kind of webmaster you are. Was it something you stumbled upon, or were you assigned into a job? What was your first website like, and what did you learn from it? Did it lead you to go on to better things? What do you do now— code, design, blog?

This is a post for discussion. Use the commenting section to tell your story, and include what you’ve learned, and what you’d like to learn or become in the future.

My Story

I discovered web design by an old domain called I was inspired by Jess’s enthusiasm with web design and development, and learned the basics of what I know now from her tutorials. Her website isn’t up anymore, but rather is redirected to her portfolio where she is a full-time graphic designer.

I had a bunch of “first sites”– none of them really doing a whole lot. My first real site was, when I was only 12 years old. It was a graphic and resource site, even though all the graphics were terrible. I was a little girl obsessed with Sleeping Co from Barunson, so all of my layouts were based off of that cartoon.

As the years went on, I got more into the coding side, and started learning PHP on my own. It became my secretive geeky side, apart from all my friends and family. I owned many more websites as I grew up, each one getting better, and each one reflecting a different aspect of myself growing up. I seemed to go through a grungy phase, girly phase, rock-start phase, and more recently a more professional phase. They were all personal domains with some graphics attached, but I could never really stay dedicated so they all died out eventually. When I came to college finally, my web designing days subsided as I began to major in Computer Science, and focused on more programming.

This last summer is when I decided to stay dedicated to a domain, and formed With true dedicated I’ve gotten to where I am today with this domain. I’ve also been practicing a new found interest in the business side of website creation: SEO, marketing techniques, and researching how to create effective design, content, and become an active part in the blogosphere.

In the future I want to become a much more experienced programming. Sounds geeky, but I feel it could really help me get a lot of what I’m looking for out of my designs. I’d love to learn more object-oriented PHP, techniques with jQuery, and how to build overall better WordPress Themes. I want to finish my degree, and eventually become a freelancer in the field of web development, design, and blogging.

Share your Experiences

This is for any level of webmasters, and for any type. Share what you’ve learned and what goals you want to accomplish in this field, either professionally or as a hobby.


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