5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Content

You work hard to create your content. Each blog post, podcast, video and more is carefully constructed to appeal to your target audience of potential customers. Done correctly, content leads to loyal customers, conversions and an increase in the SERP.

It seems like a shame that each piece of content can only be used once. Or can it? Turns out, there’s more life in a published piece of content than many people think.

Check out these five ways to repurpose your existing content:

1. Turn Your Blog Posts into Podcasts

Some people like to read a blog post. Other people prefer to listen to that same information. There’s no need to make your audience choose. Turn your popular blog posts into podcasts.

You don’t want to simply read your posts verbatim. Instead, use the blog posts as an outline. Expand on the topic with additional info.

Even better, enlist the help of other people. Listeners love to hear a conversation or roundtable discussion among experts.

Finding guests for your podcast is easier than you think. People in your industry want to promote their brand, too. Both you and your guests benefit from appearing on your podcast.

Connecting with others in your industry should be an ongoing part of your SEO efforts. Check out my complete Guide to Connecting with Bloggers for more info.

2. Turn Blog Posts into Guides

What do all of your blog posts have in common? They’re all based around your industry. There’s probably a fair amount of overlap on topics, too.

After a while, you might have enough information to put together something more substantial than a blog post. Combine some of that material into an in-depth guide.

A comprehensive, easy-to-read user guide can be a valuable addition to your Conversion Funnel. After a potential customer has initially shown interest in your brand, you can then offer them your guide in exchange for their email address. For more, check out the Top 5 Tools for Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates.

3. Use Your Existing Data to Create New Content

The more content you publish, the more data you can collect. What does your audience respond to best – blog posts, videos, podcasts of something else? Over time, you can draw data-driven conclusions about what format work better in certain situations.

Other people are probably going to find that research useful, too. This info can be turned into a blog post, video or infographic. An infographic is often a great choice for presenting a lot of complicated information in a clear way.

4. Create “Fluid” Blog Posts

The web has quite a few advantages over print media. On the web, an article is never truly finished. New information can easily be added to older posts.

When you add new info to an older post, call attention to it. Add “Updated” to the headline and put that post at the top of your blog page. This will attract two types of readers: those who read the original and want more information, and those who are seeing the post for the first time.

5. Spinoff Existing Content into New Posts

Take a page from Hollywood and always keep an eye out for an opportunity to create a sequel, spin-off or even a reboot. Sometimes a part of a blog post deserves a more detailed post all its own. Other times reader’s comments will reveal lots of interest in a topic related to a post. Let your existing content inspire something new.

Content isn’t always easy to create. Fortunately, content which connects with your audience doesn’t have to be a one-time-only deal. You can repurpose content and help it find a new audience.

How often do you repurpose your content? Is this a strategy which works for you? What do you do to get the most out of your content? Share your repurposing strategies below…

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