You get what you pay for in SEO

It’s natural to feel wary of paying for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but optimizing your website for search ability is an investment in future profitability. When you work with me, you won’t need to worry about missing anything in your campaign because I offer a cost-effective solution in the form of fully customized Search Engine Optimization packages based on your industry. All of my fixed price SEO packages deliver lasting first page results to drive business to your website and improve your bottom line.



Business Package
Website Optimization
Monthly Content
Press Release
Social & Local Links
Contextual Links
20+ First Page Rankings
Monthly Reporting
First Class Package
Website Optimization
Monthly Content
Press Release
Social & Local Links
Contextual Links
40+ First Page Rankings
Monthly Reporting
Enterprise Package
Website Optimization
Monthly Content
Press Release
Social & Local Links
Contextual Links
Biggest Link Budget
100+ Keyword Rankings
Conversion Rate Optimization
Monthly Reporting

My SEO packages provide the following:

Comprehensive Site Analysis & Optimization

Ranking your website on the first page with multiple terms geared toward  targeted search traffic is the first part of successful SEO. To deliver these results, I conduct keyword analysis and run your website through multiple manual tests to check for relevancy in your industry.

On-site Changes

Often, your rankings may improve when minor back-end changes are made to your website. By collaborating with you or your development team, I can help you identify and also implement these changes.


The quality of the copy and content on your website counts toward your Google ranking. This can mean expanding text, improving readability, and making sure you’re using original content. I will work with you to identify where improvements could be made and assist you in making appropriate changes. Content changes are suggested with consideration for your needs and industry. They often include landing pages, service pages, eCommerce products and categories, and blog posts.

Effective Link Building

To improve your rankings, search engines need to recognize your site as an authority in your industry. In order to do this, relevant outside sites need to link back to you. Link-building is a long-term strategy and takes time. I help my clients build links naturally throughout your campaign using a balanced strategy that includes high-quality writing, guest blogs, social media and bookmarks. I believe in ethical link building and only provide permanent links to improve results.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Ranking at the top of search engines is only the first step to improving your bottom line. The next step is turning those visitors into customers. By using screen recording software and Analytics data, I monitor how visitors are navigating and interacting with your website. Based on my findings, we will work together to optimize your site to make it easier for leads or customers to find the information they need.

Flexibility And Support

I make myself available to all my clients to address any questions, concerns or changes that come up during a campaign. All of my packages include a detailed monthly work report, complete with the results achieved thus far.

Proven Results

I have a proven track record for getting the desired results for all types of websites, businesses, and keywords. While appearing in the top ten for Google depends on a few factors like your current rank and keyword competitiveness, the average time it takes my clients to rank in the top ten is 6-9 months. You will, however, start climbing the ranks sooner than that.

+ What is SEO?

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to make websites more search friendly and easily recognized to improve their rank on search engines. Some websites could easily excel in rankings, but are hindered by the small technical problems that greatly affect their search engine rank.

+ When can I expect my rankings to improve?

A website’s characteristics, prior to optimization, play a big role in the time it takes to improve its rank. For example, older websites tend to climb up rankings faster than newer websites, as they generally have a built up trust with search engines and a diverse backlink portfolio. A one or two year old website will generally take between 10-14 weeks to improve its ranking. It takes time for search engines to process and reevaluate content and website performances. Therefore, to experience a real jump in your rank, you will have to wait around 12-16 weeks. You’ll receive an estimated time frame at the beginning of our work together so you understand what to expect when trying to climb the rankings as quickly as possible. I never like to disappoint my clients and therefore, choose to under-promise but over-deliver.

+ How long will the search engine results last?

When you work with me, you can expect your rankings to continue to climb gradually over time with each update to Google’s algorithms. These updates are improvements and additions to the ways Google ranks websites. Without a well-thought out plan for your website and its future establishment in search placement, your rankings can fall drastically after an update, just like some of our first page competitors who opted for quick-fix solutions to major technical problems. I work for success in the long run as opposed to temporary high rankings.

+ With the use of competitive keywords, can first place rankings be guaranteed?

Some companies guarantee first place rankings but 100% guarantees give false hope, because first place rankings are the results of algorithms that classify websites and determine ranks based on hundreds of different criteria. The only surefire way of establishing search placement is by way of paid inclusion like pay-per-click Google Adwords programs. One drawback with paid inclusion, however, is that once you discontinue with your campaign or reach your daily advertising budget, you will experience a drop in your search visibility. After years of search visibility experience, I can guarantee to deliver overall visibility that lasts.

+ Why should I trust you above the rest?

I not only concentrate on improving and maintaining your search engine rankings in the long run, but work to improve your website’s overall online image. Along with helping a site’s search rankings, our optimization tactics will improve the overall content and usability of your website in order to ensure it’s long-term online visibility. We work to take your rankings to the top and maintain that position using your most competitive keywords. By planning ahead, we can ensure that any changes to Google’s algorithms or updates will not have a negative impact on your rankings.

+ How does Search Engine Optimization work?

I mainly focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the website. However, the improvements made can largely be classified into three separate categories:

1. Website construction: This includes web languages, coding and the technology used to construct your site. It also refers to content management systems, static vs dynamic pages and HTML/CSS quality.

2. Content: This covers images, media, and original text on the site. The quality of the content determines how helpful your site is to visitors and how easily accessible it is to search engines.

3. Marketing: Using social media and authoritative websites to advertise. Increased links from respected websites improve your site’s reputation and ultimately take your rankings higher.

+ Will the look of my website change?

Not without your permission. With your consent, we can improve upon the current content of your website to better suit your brand’s goals, style and voice. I can also help improve the usability, page structure and performance of the site, or even add pages if needed.

+ When can I expect changes to start taking place?

Keeping in mind all the challenges and competition involved in this industry, we typically take 2-3 weeks to do research on your competitive search terms and industrty. During this time, we will also make any required technical changes or improvements to the site’s content.

+ When can I expect a response after placing an order or question?

I can be reached daily, between 9am-8pm CENTRAL. I respond to inquires within one business day (but typically much sooner) so we can set up a convenient time to discuss your needs.

+ What is the recommended duration of commitment?

I suggest a minimum six month commitment, within which you can expect improved results.

+ What are the payment terms?

I charge a monthly fee for SEO. Your campaign will start as soon as the first payment is made.

+ Do I require a website to get started?

If you do not yet have your own website or have one that needs a great deal of updating, I provide a basic website which is included in the first class plan or a more complex, customized site for the enterprise plan.

+ Can I cancel my order?

You, are free to cancel your order anytime you wish.

by Erin Julius on Clayton Johnson SEO
11th Hour Clean

Great company to work with, Clayton is definitely improving our online presence. Couldn’t be more pleased with the additional traffic and phone calls were receiving.

by Tony Westrude on Clayton Johnson SEO

Clayton Johnson, has been a integral part of our business growth strategy. He has a proven system and monthly metrics to show progress. If your tired of paying overpriced SEO firms with unknown results then I would would highly recommend adding Clayton Johnson to your team. Clayton has shown professionalism incredible customer service and bottom line proven results that I understand and can relate to. 5 Star class act company! 

by Bob Zak on Clayton Johnson SEO
ZOTA Professional Training

Clayton hands down you have exceeded my expectations for where we are at right now. I had another company for 6 months doing the same thing there is no comparison to where we are now and where we were before. Looking at the numbers we had a goal set for 6 months and surpassed that in 1 month. It's incredible you get what I'm trying to accomplish with my website and business. I'm excited about what the future has for us. I really appreciate it.

by Matt Faschingbauer Total Auto Care on Clayton Johnson SEO

Clayton was super helpful with my local SEO

by Brian B - Burgess Construction on Clayton Johnson SEO

Great seo company

by Andrew Scherer Marketer's Center on Clayton Johnson SEO

Very knowledgeable and trustworthy, Clayton really knows his stuff

by Stephanie Lolich on Clayton Johnson SEO

Clayton worked with my Minnetonka High School Vantage students on a company project. It is clear, based upon our interactions, that he has extensive knowledge of SEO and best practices regarding online success. His level of professionalism is extraordinary. I highly recommend utilizing his services.

by Tim Brown on Clayton Johnson SEO
Tim Brown Design

Intelligent and competent, very easy to work with.

by Thaddaeus Gardner on Clayton Johnson SEO

Quick and intuitive service, he knew what my site needed and helped me get it set up the way I wanted. He had good pointers that I hadn't even thought of and pointed me in the right direction. Overall very satisfied doing business with him!

by Ben Novoselsky Director at, Founder of on Clayton Johnson SEO
Ben Novoselsky

Clayton has done a fantastic job getting our website on the first page on Google for the majority of the target keywords. They provided valuable insights on our website onsite SEO and have been very helpful and knowledgeable about digital marketing. It was a pleasure working with Clayton and we won't hesitate contracting again.