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Businesses live and die by their leads, and one of the easiest ways to get constant leads is through digital marketing. Each month thousands of people throughout Alabama are searching for a business like yours to solve their problems, but if they can’t find your business in Google, it’s unlikely that they will ever become your customer.

Why Choose Me?

For years I’ve been helping local businesses throughout the country to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, bringing in more traffic for them each month. SEO can be extraordinarily profitable, especially for businesses in smaller cities where the competition often consists of local businesses rather than international conglomerates.

I’m considered an SEO expert within the industry, handling entire campaigns from keyword research through to linkbuilding and on-page optimization. I want you to succeed, and that’s why I offer a complete package, giving me the control that I need to improve your website and optimize it for the right keywords.

While on-page optimization is critical, research suggests that the most important ranking factor is the number of referring backlinks to your web pages. Unfortunately, for business owners who don’t understand PR, it’s incredibly difficult to build quality links.

That’s why so many companies choose to hire me instead.

I understand what constitutes a high-quality link and what is a dangerous situation that could backfire at any moment. Making progress is always the goal, but it’s also essential to avoid penalties from Google that can destroy a business overnight. Hiring an SEO professional like myself is the smart decision and it’s also safer than trying to handle it yourself.

Proudly Serving Alabama Since 2011

Starting in 2011 I have been proudly serving the beautiful state of Alabama. Many of our clients opt for my complete SEO packages because they recognize the value that they bring. Rather than merely tackling the problem from one angle, my SEO packages combine content creation, linkbuilding, and social signals.

This gives Google precisely what it wants, a website that is giving them more content to index each month and plenty of real marketing signals. I live for SEO, and my goal is to provide you with first page rankings which will bring in traffic.

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  • Auburn

    Although Auburn is most known across the world for its football, there are thousands of local businesses which serve a growing population. That population needs firms like yours, but how are they expected to find you?

    Most people look online rather than searching through a phonebook, which means that they can only find you if you appear on the first page of Google.

  • Birmingham

    As the most populous city in the state, Birmingham is rife with opportunity for local businesses to generate revenue. But when compared to cities like LA and NYC, the competition online is low, meaning that local companies that invest in SEO have the potential to dominate their market and bring in thousands of visitors each month.

    Ranking on the first page is everything when it comes to SEO, and my goal is to ensure that your website secures as many first page rankings as possible.

  • Montgomery

    Montgomery is the Capital City of Alabama, and that brings in plenty of tourism each year. All those extra people are potential customers for many local businesses, meaning that your online reach could perhaps be much higher than you imaged.

    SEO is a tremendous method for bringing in new business, especially as more and more people are moving online. Older generations are more tech-savvy than ever, and this means that search traffic is increasing at an incredible rate.

What Happens Next?

I would urge you to get in contact with me today. SEO is an exciting opportunity for businesses, but those that start first will have a significant first-mover advantage. Once you contact me, we can discuss which package is best for your business and why.

I will explain how the process will work and why I am taking specific steps. Each month you will receive a report of your rankings and what I have done to improve them, giving you complete transparency as to what you are paying for.

Don’t Miss Out

SEO has the potential to completely change a small business and grow your customer base at a rate that you might have never seen before. However, your competitors also have access to SEO professionals. Who is going to move first? Don’t miss out, contact me today.