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Digital marketing is the new frontier for advertising. It’s arguably the best way for small businesses to bring in new customers and it’s also extremely cost-effective. Within digital marketing, you have social media marketing, influencer marketing, paid advertising and search engine optimization.

I believe that search engine optimization is the best method for small businesses because it can be done on a relatively small budget, it’s sustainable and the results last beyond the investment. That’s why for years I’ve dedicated myself to helping small businesses to improve their SEO and rank higher in search engines like Google.

Why Pick Me?

There are thousands of SEO providers out there, and even within Hawaii, there are hundreds of people who claim to be able to improve your rankings. Unfortunately, this industry tends to attract frauds. That’s not me.

I have years of experience working in this industry, I’ve become a recognizable expert, and I have plenty of examples of businesses which I have improved by myself.

Unlike many SEO providers who only tackle one part of SEO, like linkbuilding or on-page optimization, I handle them all. This gives me the unique ability the have a giant impact on your rankings and to deliver you the results that you are looking for.

My SEO packages are tiered based on the budget that you have to spend and also the number of keywords that you want to target. I work by ensuring that you score first page rankings because those are what lead to more traffic and therefore more revenue in your pocket at the end of the month.

Helping Businesses in Hawaii Since 2011

Hawaii is unique in that it has a relatively small population but a gigantic amount of tourism. This means that there tends to be ups and downs through the year, with certain seasons generating more revenue for many businesses.

With many people only visiting for a month at a time these customers are searching on Google for businesses, they aren’t talking to locals or getting recommendations. That’s why it’s so important for companies in Hawaii to focus on SEO and rank at the top of the search engines for keywords that their customers are searching for on a daily basis.

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  • Mililani

    SEO is hugely technical, making it hard for local business owners to manage it on their own. Just as you would hire a lawyer for your legal issues, the safest plan is to engage an SEO professional like me for your SEO needs.

  • Honolulu

    As the biggest city in the state, Honolulu has more competition than other locations. For a business owner, this means that it can be harder to stand out from the competition and it can be challenging to attract new customers.

    SEO is still a relatively new industry, despite it feeling like Google has existed for decades. Therefore, there is always a huge opportunity for local businesses that are willing to invest. Most of your competition probably isn’t doing SEO, and that leaves a gap in the market for you to exploit, allowing you to grab customers that would otherwise go to them.

  • Pearl City

    Local businesses live and die by their revenue. They often have little cash in reserve, and that’s why it’s so essential for small companies in Pearl City to invest in digital marketing to ensure that new customers are always coming in through the doors.

What’s the Next Step?

The first step to starting an SEO campaign with me is to decide how much you want to spend. SEO can be done on practically any budget, but the results with directly correlate with the amount of money that you pay.

Once you have decided on a budget, I can start working to identify the right keywords for your website to target. These keywords will be directly related to your industry and will bring in targeted traffic.

Destroy the Competition

What are you waiting for? I believe in complete transparency, which is why at the end of each month I will send you a detailed report which shows you what work has been done and how it has impacted your keyword rankings. I want you to succeed, I want you to bring in more targeted traffic, and I want you to destroy the competition.