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Driving traffic to your website is difficult, especially when you’re a business owner who doesn’t have much spare time to dedicate to marketing their business online. That’s why so many business owners like yourself decide to outsource their SEO efforts to me instead of trying to tackle the insurmountable task themselves.

But the rewards are worth it because when you rank first in Google for a keyword that is directly related to your niche, you have opened up a tap of constant traffic. That traffic will continue to flow to your business both day and night, at no extra cost once you have ranked #1 for the keyword.

What’s So Special About Me?

I’m certainly not the only person offering SEO in Illinois, let alone in the country, so why should you pick me? It’s simple; I’m an expert.

I’ve been doing SEO for many years, and I’ve helped countless local businesses both big and small to increase their search engine traffic and therefore to generate more profit each month. I understand exactly what makes Google tick and that gives me a unique insight into what needs to be done to get results.

Plus, with thousands of hours of experience working with small businesses I know how to get those stellar results on tiny budgets, unlike many larger SEO firms who only know how to do well with $100,000 each month.

This is my field of expertise, and just like you wouldn’t try to represent yourself in court, you shouldn’t try and manage a complex SEO campaign. Leave that up to me; I’ll give you better results in a shorter time frame and for a lower cost.

I’ve Been Helping Businesses in Illinois Since 2011

There are thousands of businesses in Illinois, and only a small percentage of them do any digital marketing. That leaves a huge opportunity for business owners like yourself who are going to take advantage of the situation and be one of the first in their industry to invest heavily in SEO.

However, this opportunity won’t exist forever. More and more business owners are going to recognize this chance and want to leap at it, which is why it’s vital that you get started as soon as possible.

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  • Aurora

    When people visit Aurora, and they want to find a local business they turn to Google; they don’t look in newspapers or listen to the radio. Those businesses which rank at the top of Google will be the ones that bring in more customers and can increase their profits.

  • Chicago

    As the biggest city in the state, Chicago has incredible competition between companies, but what if you could separate yourself from the competition? Rather than trying to compete on the same battlefield, you could choose a different route and attack the problem from the angle of digital marketing, which very few local businesses are doing.

  • Joliet

    Even in smaller towns like Joliet, there is still incredibly fierce competition. On the other hand, the SEO competition is often non-existent because so few companies in Joliet are trying to optimize their web pages for the right keywords.

Taking the First Step

How much do you want to spend on SEO? That’s the question you need to ask yourself. The more that you can spend the better the results will be. But you also must recognize that SEO is dependent on time, the results often take months to appear, and that means that you need to factor in that time and spread your investment over 6-months or longer.

Once you have decided which package you want to purchase I will begin identifying the best keywords for your business, writing content and optimizing your existing pages. This will create the perfect platform for me to promote, bringing in plenty of publicity through backlinks which will boost your rankings and drive targeted traffic to your business.

Don’t Pass Up This Opportunity

This opportunity might not exist one year from now. Business owners are becoming more aware of this chance, and once it has been exploited, you will forever be playing catchup. If you believe that the internet is the future, you must invest in SEO because people will always be using the internet to find businesses and you want to be able to be seen.