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If you want to drive more traffic to your website, SEO is possible the best method for small businesses because it’s cost-effective, sustainable and can have long-lasting effects. On the other hand, traditional advertising methods are becoming less beneficial, especially as most consumers turn to the internet for help rather than conventional advertising methods.

But SEO also takes time and a lot of skill, both of which you are unlikely to have as a business owner who specializes in your industry and not digital marketing. Instead of wasting your time learning a new skill, outsource it to me. Not only am I incredibly skilled, but I can also get results quicker and cheaper than you could in-house.

How My SEO Packages Help You

I have three tiers of SEO package depending on what your budget is and how many keywords you want to rank for. Each of them follows the basic principle of attacking the problem from as many angles as possible. They combine; keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, social signals and press releases to ensure the best possible results.

My SEO packages will help you by increasing your rankings for valuable keywords, bringing in more targeted traffic to your website each month and therefore giving you more opportunities to make sales.

Rather than just using on-page SEO, I think it’s valuable to build contextual links to your pages so that you can rank faster and more sustainably with less volatility.

Serving Businesses in Indiana Since 2011

I’ve been doing SEO for local businesses for many years, taking their marketing into the 21st century and bringing them more customers each month. Many of these business owners have only relied on word-of-mouth and traditional advertising but were pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective SEO can be.

Although it’s wise to continue to invest in SEO for multiple years, once rankings are achieved they will often be maintained unless your competition starts to battle for them. In many cases, this can mean that your SEO investment can have a tremendous return on investment.

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  • Indianapolis

    As the biggest city in the state, the competition between businesses is fierce. Indianapolis has tens of thousands of local businesses, and digital marketing is vital to stand out in the modern internet era.

  • Fort Wayne

    In fact, estimates suggest that well over 50% of visitors click on the first and second results in Google. This means that even increasing your rankings from third to first can translate to a significant increase in traffic.

    Businesses throughout Fort Wayne can benefit significantly from this bump in traffic, especially when traffic is directly correlated to your revenue.

  • Evansville

    In Evansville, the competition is often much lower than in Indianapolis, which makes SEO an even better investment. With so many other business owners unaware of the opportunity that search engine optimization offers you are more likely to retain rankings for a longer period and at a lower cost.

How to Get Started

How many keywords do you want to rank on the first page? My packages are tiered based on this number, and therefore it’s vital that you figure this out quickly. The more keywords that rank on the first page, the more traffic you will bring in.

You might also consider that SEO is a long-term investment, it can often take a few months to see significant improvements in your rankings, and therefore you might need to spread out your budget. Rather than blowing your budget in three months, it’s often smarter to choose a smaller package and spread it out over eight months instead.

Bringing in More Traffic This Year

If you want to bring in more traffic over the next year, you need to start investing now. Digital marketing is the future; there’s no escaping that fact. You will inevitably turn to SEO eventually, but as a new marketing method, there is far more potential and opportunity now than there will be even just one year from now.

Taking advantage of this situation is going to bring you cheaper rankings, more traffic and therefore a better ROI than you will likely get from the same SEO investment in the future.