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Digital marketing is the future; there’s little doubt about that. Over the last few years, traditional advertising has become less effective, and brands are deciding to invest growing amounts of their advertising budget into digital marketing.

For many of these companies search engine optimization represents a significant percentage of that investment. SEO tends to have a high ROI, sustainable results and can generate traffic far after you have stopped focusing on a keyword.

This makes SEO the ideal strategy for small businesses in Kansas who want to bring more traffic to their website so that they can convert that traffic into paying customers.

Choose Me for Your SEO

My name is Clayton Johnson, and I’m an SEO addict. Since 2011 I have been doing search engine optimization for clients across the country, and this experience makes me the ideal choice for managing your SEO campaign.

I have three tiers of package depending on how much you want to spend and the number of keywords that you plan to target. Each of these packages has the same fundamental structure; great content which is optimized for the right keywords and heavily promoted for publicity and backlinks.

This strategy has worked for years and will continue to work in the future because it’s precisely what Google wants.

Unlike many other SEO providers, I only use tactics that I think are safe and will give you sustainable results. With so much experience working directly with business owners like yourself, I know how to get the most value out of a smaller budget.

Plenty of SEO’s can only achieve results with huge marketing budgets, but that isn’t sustainable for a small business owner like yourself. Instead, trust me to put your budget to use in the most efficient manner so that you can score as many first page rankings as possible.

Boosting Rankings in Kansas Since 2011

Across the state of Kansas, there are thousands of local businesses, many of which are competing which you for the same customers. Differentiating yourself is vital for your business to survive and to thrive. Making yourself visible through ranking high in Google is an easy and cheap way to do that, bringing customers to your doors instead of the competitors.

Free Consultation
  • Wichita

    Do you have any experience optimizing a page for keywords? Probably not, which is why it’s best to turn to me to handle that for you. It’s possible to be penalized by Google for over optimizing your pages, and that’s why it’s best to be safe and outsource your SEO campaign to a professional.

  • Kansas City

    Within Kansas City, the competition can be brutal, with companies like yours spending considerable amounts to acquire a customer. But what if I told you that you could bring in customers for a fraction of that cost?

    SEO has a high ROI, and because of the long-term nature, the cost of acquiring customers tends to be low. This makes it a great tactic for a business like yours that wants to bring in new customers at the lowest possible cost.

  • Overland Park

    Businesses in Overland Park often don’t invest heavily in digital marketing, leaving an excellent opportunity available to business owners like yourself who are interested in SEO. The market is wide open and jumping at the chance gives you a head start.

Taking the Next Step

Before I can start working on your SEO campaign, you need to decide as a business owner how much you want to invest each month. The three different packages I have available all have various price points, giving you some flexibility as to your monthly spend.

SEO should be treated as a long-term plan rather than a quick burst because the results often take a few months to materialize. With that in mind, it’s smart to ensure that you can afford to pursue SEO for at least 6-months before committing to a plan.

Invest in Your SEO and Bring in More Traffic

However, once the results start to come, you will see an influx of traffic that will bring in targeted leads to your business. As long as your competition doesn’t massively step up their SEO game, you should be able to retain those rankings and therefore continue that flow of traffic for months or even years to come.