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How many people visit your website each month? Don’t you wish it was more? The overwhelming majority of people turn to Google to find businesses to solve their problems, rather than looking at ads or in the Yellow Pages. That’s why it’s so important to appear at the top of the search engine results. Doing so isn’t luck, it’s a process. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for specific keywords that you want to rank for. Usually, these keywords are directly related to your industry and are regularly searched by the types of people that are likely to become your customers

Tackling the Problem from Every Angle

As an SEO provider, my goal is to ensure that you get as many keywords on the first page as possible, which is why each of my packages is sorted by the number of keywords. SEO is about results; you don’t want to pay for thin air, you need tangible rankings that result in extra traffic to your website. My SEO packages handle every angle of your SEO, from keyword research and content production through to press releases and contextual linkbuilding. This means that I can make a much more significant impact than an SEO who only builds links for you Every step of the process is critical; it’s nearly impossible to succeed if any step is missing. Keyword research is vital for ensuring that you target the right queries, your content must be valuable, people must know about it, and you need links to increase your rankings.

Serving Local Businesses in California Since 2011

I have been offering my SEO expertise to customers in California since 2011, helping local business both large and small to grow their digital presence. More businesses are recognizing the opportunity that SEO presents and are jumping at the chance to be first-movers.

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  • San Diego

    San Diego is quickly become a global city, with a thriving business community attracting more and more people to this beautiful city each year. To battle with your competition in this environment you need to invest in digital marketing. The internet is the future, we all know that, and SEO is at the frontier of this digital revolution. People look to Google for everything, and you want to ensure that you appear in those results.

  • Los Angeles

    LA is one of the most competitive markets in the world. There are thousands of businesses trying to serve the same customers, and that’s why digital marketing is so important for companies based in Los Angeles. You might not be able to compete with just brand recognition, but SEO can ensure that new customers find you instead of the competition. Tens of thousands of locals are searching on Google, Bing, and Yahoo each month for businesses like yours to solve their problems. But if you’re not at the top of the results it’s unlikely that they’ll ever discover your business. I can fix that. For me, SEO is all about bringing greater brand awareness to your business and increasing the traffic to your website. By optimizing your pages and building links, I will improve your rankings, ensuring that more people visit your site each month.

  • San Jose

    San Jose stands out as one of the biggest technology hubs on the West coast, but this stunning city has far more than just tech. Businesses like yours are helping customers each day, but how can they find you if you’re not on Google? In local searches for your industry, i.e. ‘San Jose gardener’ or ‘San Jose bakery,’ do you appear at the top? If not, you’re missing out on customers who are choosing your competition instead.

Starting Your SEO Campaign

As a client, you should expect a monthly report from me detailing what has been done and how it has impacted your rankings. I will track your keywords, showing you the movement each month and the growth that I have achieved. SEO can take time. Digital marketing is all about patience, it can often take a few months for you to see a sizable shift in your rankings, and that’s why it’s so important that you go into this knowing that you will need to invest. If you want the rewards, you need to spend both money and time. But SEO has the potential to revolutionize your business.

Bring in More Traffic

Don’t wait, each day that you spend waiting is a day later that you will start seeing that extra traffic roll in. Each person visiting your website is an additional person that knows about your brand and is therefore likely to become a customer.