The Internet expands every day, and every day it becomes a little more difficult to cut through the noise and get your name in front of the people who need what you have to offer. Even if you already have SEO strategies in place, SEO algorithms can change overnight. You may be looking for a more steady, long-term marketing solution for getting your products into the hands of new customers.


For these clients, I am proud to offer my expertise in the form of link building service packages. Using a focused and robust strategy that I have created and honed for over a decade, I can help your business reach out to those who are in the best position to increase your online visibility.

Custom Outreach Campaign
8 Guest Posts /mo
Domain Authority 20-35+
Monthly Reporting
First Class
Custom Outreach Campaign
12 Guest Posts /mo
Domain Authority 20-35+
Monthly Reporting
Custom Outreach Campaign
20 Guest Posts /mo
Domain Authority 20-35+
Monthly Reporting

All of my packages include the following:

Custom Outreach Strategy

Successful outreach takes time and planning. I will establish a solid base of prospective influencers and work within your industry creating engaging content and reaching out to industry influencers on your behalf.

Guest Posts

Once we define the target sites and what kind of content will best serve your business, I work with a team of writers with expertise in a number of topics, niches and industries. I submit this high quality content to relevant high domain authority sites.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. I only place your guest posts on other websites with over 20 DA and often up to 35 or greater.

Flexibility and Support

You will have access to me for the entire duration of our work together. If something about the current strategy isn’t getting the result you need, I will work with you to come up with a new plan of attack.

Consulting Expertise

I have already personally invested in the necessary tools to run smooth Influencer Outreach campaigns, which means you get all of the benefits without a large upfront investment in extra software and services. I consult with you or your marketing department to maximize the efficiency of working together.

Worry-free marketing

When I work on your behalf, I take on the time-consuming process of creating relationships with influencers and organizing content. That means you can focus your time and energy on more important tasks that make your business run smoothly. I also submit a detailed monthly support so you know exactly what work has been done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guest Blogging?


Guest Blogging is an organic method of building credibility and creating inbound traffic via relationships with influencers in your industry. By using the authority of those who are already visible in given and affiliated markets, you make yourself known to already established audiences.

How does Guest Blogging work?


Whenever a website links to you, it improves your online reputation and helps your website’s SEO rankings. The more relavant and trusted the website linking you is, the better your own visibility becomes. Backlinks can be created by reaching out to those who are already established in your industry and asking to be featured on their blog or on a podcast, asking them to create a guest post for your blog, inviting them to test your product, and more.

Why should I use an Outreach strategy?


Outreach is a smart choice for business who already have basic SEO strategies in place, but are looking to boost their rankings and credibility in a natural way that will withstand the tests of time and algorithm updates. A well-implemented Influencer Outreach strategy:Is mutually beneficial

Effective online marketing creates a high demand for steady and consistent content. By reaching out to influencers in your industry, you are not only making yourself visible, but are providing others with the content they need to keep their own online presence fresh and relevant.

Is cost effective

Because outreach benefits both parties, the long-term cost of an effective strategy is relatively low when compared to other methods of

driving traffic like pay-per-click ad campaigns, social media paid ads, or more traditional advertising methods. Content typically remains on the web, effectively making your link timeless.

Creates inherent credibility with a larger audience

By creating links with established authority figures in your industry, you can essentially borrow their credibility. Their audiences will also view your business as an authority by proxy and are more likely to visit your website, get in touch with you, join your mailing list, or buy your service or product.

Cant I do this by myself?


Effective outreach is a time-consuming project. Finding appropriate influencers, kindling and maintaining relationships, and coordinating content creation and scheduling can be a full-time job in and of itself. You have other things to take care of, so outsourcing to an expert frees you up to concentrate on more pressing matters. I also have a well-established network of contacts and creators in place to help make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

What is your process?


When beginning a campaign, the first step is to create a list high domain authority websites in your industry to target via guest blogs, product reviews, etc. I then have content authored around your industry. These articles are then posted with a strategically placed link back to your site.

How do you reach out?


The start of any campaign is research-intensive. I search for and collect contact information for influencers in your industry. On your behalf, I make contact by interacting with them via various platforms. Once a relationship has been established, I approach these influencers about content. I focus on building established, lasting relationships with a number of smaller names rather than shallow, fleeting relationships with the largest names. I believe this strategy has more long-term profitability for my clients.

When can I expect a response after placing an order or question?


I can be reached daily between 9am-8pm CST. I respond to inquiries within one business day (but typically much sooner) so we can set up a convenient time to discuss your needs.

What is the recommended duration of commitment?


As outreach takes time and effort to establish relationships, I suggest a minimum six month commitment to see maximum affect

What are the payment terms?


I charge a monthly fee for my guest post services. Your campaign will start as soon as the first payment is made.

Can I cancel my order?


You are free to cancel your order anytime you wish.
by Erin Julius on Clayton Johnson SEO
11th Hour Clean

Great company to work with, Clayton is definitely improving our online presence. Couldn’t be more pleased with the additional traffic and phone calls were receiving.

by Tony Westrude on Clayton Johnson SEO

Clayton Johnson, has been a integral part of our business growth strategy. He has a proven system and monthly metrics to show progress. If your tired of paying overpriced SEO firms with unknown results then I would would highly recommend adding Clayton Johnson to your team. Clayton has shown professionalism incredible customer service and bottom line proven results that I understand and can relate to. 5 Star class act company! 

by Bob Zak on Clayton Johnson SEO
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Clayton hands down you have exceeded my expectations for where we are at right now. I had another company for 6 months doing the same thing there is no comparison to where we are now and where we were before. Looking at the numbers we had a goal set for 6 months and surpassed that in 1 month. It's incredible you get what I'm trying to accomplish with my website and business. I'm excited about what the future has for us. I really appreciate it.

by Matt Faschingbauer Total Auto Care on Clayton Johnson SEO

Clayton was super helpful with my local SEO

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Great seo company

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Very knowledgeable and trustworthy, Clayton really knows his stuff

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Clayton worked with my Minnetonka High School Vantage students on a company project. It is clear, based upon our interactions, that he has extensive knowledge of SEO and best practices regarding online success. His level of professionalism is extraordinary. I highly recommend utilizing his services.

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Intelligent and competent, very easy to work with.

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Quick and intuitive service, he knew what my site needed and helped me get it set up the way I wanted. He had good pointers that I hadn't even thought of and pointed me in the right direction. Overall very satisfied doing business with him!

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Ben Novoselsky

Clayton has done a fantastic job getting our website on the first page on Google for the majority of the target keywords. They provided valuable insights on our website onsite SEO and have been very helpful and knowledgeable about digital marketing. It was a pleasure working with Clayton and we won't hesitate contracting again.