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SEO is becoming a more popular tactic for local business in Louisiana, especially when they see so many of the most prominent brands in the world taking advantage. Search engine optimization or SEO is what allows companies to rank at the top of the Google results for queries that are related to their business.

This helps to spread brand awareness, but more importantly, it directly brings traffic straight to your website. The more people you get onto your site, the more people you will earn as customers.

Unfortunately for you as a business owner, SEO is technically challenging. Just as you wouldn’t think about representing yourself in court, you shouldn’t think about trying to tackle SEO yourself. Instead, it’s best to hire me as your SEO professional, working on behalf of your business to bring in more traffic.

Features of My SEO Packages

I believe that my SEO packages are some of the best value on the market because they combine every angle of attack to get you the best results in the shortest timeframe. Some SEO’s often only built links, or they just do on-page optimization, leaving plenty of opportunity and cash on the table.

I have three different tiers of the package, sorted by the price and therefore by what you will get from each of the packages. They are all extremely valuable but the more that you are willing to invest, the better the results will be in the same period.

Perhaps the best feature of my packages is that they include contextual links, which are links that are within the body of an article. Google values these links much more than links in most other areas of the page because they are considered to be editorial, and therefore they act as a vote of confidence.

Research shows that links are still incredibly important, more so than any other ranking factor and these contextual links will help to boost your rankings.

Serving Businesses in Louisiana Since 2011

Helping local businesses to grow is my thing, I love working with small business owners and seeing the impact that I can have on their growth. There is a fantastic opportunity right now for business owners that are willing to invest in SEO because the competition is low in the search engines for most businesses.

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  • New Orleans

    However, within New Orleans, the competition is a little higher because more businesses are competing for the same group of people. This makes SEO even more important, especially if you want to stand out and grow your business.

  • Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge might not get quite as much tourism as New Orleans, but there are still thousands of visitors each month. These visitors don’t know the local area, and they certainly don’t see your business. So, when they need something they are likely to Google it, but if you don’t appear at the top of the results, they will never learn about your business. Let’s change that!

  • Shreveport

    Digital marketing still hasn’t become popular with small businesses, often because the owners don’t have the technical expertise to understand it themselves. However, this makes for a fantastic opportunity for a business owner like you.

    Image if the same happened when radio first became popular. Nobody would advertise, except for you, how much money would you have made? This is the same. Digital marketing is the new frontier, and the business owners willing to invest will make a killing.

Choosing a Package and Getting Started

The first step to getting started is to decide which package you would like to choose. The main difference between them is the number of keywords which you can target, the more keywords you have on the first page, the more traffic you will bring in, which is why the higher packages are more expensive.

SEO can take a few months to take effect, which is why you need to think carefully about which package is ideal for you. I would advise you to choose a package that you can comfortably invest in for 6-months. This gives you a buffer of safety and ensures that I can work diligently on your behalf long enough to get you the results that you are here for.

Once that flow of traffic has started it often stays open for months or years, continually bringing in new customers to your store. Leap into the digital age, invest in your SEO today.

Invest in Your SEO and Bring in More Traffic

The time to invest in your SEO is today. If you want more traffic to your website each month, then you need to appear at the top of the Google search results for the queries that your customers are searching and the only way to do that is through SEO.

I’ve been helping countless small businesses like yours to improve their rankings for years and I want you to be my next success story. Let’s get started!