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Digital marketing is a fantastic method for local business owners like yourself to implement to drive traffic to your website. You should optimize your site so that it ranks higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This tactic is called SEO or search engine optimization, and it involves creating fantastic content that is well optimized for specific keywords and then creating publicity around the internet for that page. This is what I specialize in, helping small business owners like yourself to rank higher in Google and drive more traffic to their website.

Research has shown that the vast majority of people never go past the first page of the search results and most click on either the first or the second link on the page. This means that even ranking 5th isn’t good enough, you need to rank 1st if you want to see a significant increase in traffic and therefore revenue.

But SEO is complicated, it’s also incredibly time-consuming, and that makes it difficult for a small business owner like yourself to do. You have a million different things going on, you’re a busy person and the last thing you have time for is learning a new technical skill.

Instead, outsource it to me. My name is Clayton Johnson, and I’m an SEO expert.

Why Am I the Best Choice?

For the majority of my working life, I have been assisting local businesses across the United States to rank higher in Google. This has given me a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t work so that I know exactly what steps to take to increase your rankings.

Similarly, while many SEO providers have worked on larger campaigns, I have specialized in helping small businesses. These skills are very different because getting the incredible results that I can with a small budget is extraordinarily tough and it requires a different approach.

I offer three different tiers of package depending on how many keywords you want to target and how much you are willing to spend each month. For most business owners, the middle package is ideal, the smallest package is great for new companies, and the more expensive package is perfect for larger brands who have loftier goals.

Supplementing Local Businesses in Missouri Since 2011

For many years now I’ve been the secret sauce that has helped local businesses in Missouri to rank for competitive keywords that drive traffic. If you want me on your side get in contact today.

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  • Kansas City

    As the most populated city in the state, Kansas City is where small business owners across Missouri focus their attention. Competing for customers here is difficult, and the only way a new business can acquire customers from existing brands is to defeat them in the areas where they are weak which is online.

    Most existing businesses suck at digital marketing, and that represents a fantastic opportunity for business owners like yourself who are willing to hire a professional like me.

  • St. Louis

    St. Louis also has a fierce business environment and standing out online is vital to attracting new customers. Plenty of local people are searching online each day for businesses, but if you don’t appear at the top of the results, they are going to go to your competitors instead of you.

Take the Next Step Today

Today is the day to take the next step and to invest in your SEO. Digital marketing is the future and as long as Google exists SEO will always be an essential method for local businesses to drive traffic and acquire customers.

The first step towards bringing in more customers is to figure out how much you can afford to invest each month. I would recommend that you plan to spend a minimum of 6-months because SEO can take a few months and it’s best to stretch your investment out over a safer period.

Bring in More Traffic From Google

SEO represents a genuinely golden opportunity, one that is unlikely to be matched in the digital marketing space for the next decade. By optimizing your pages, you can spread brand awareness overnight and put yourself in front of customers who are actively looking for solutions to their problems.

With years of experience behind me, I know how to optimize your pages and build backlinks to them, increasing your rankings and bringing in more traffic for your business. Get in contact with me today and let’s figure out which package is best for your business.