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For small businesses, perhaps the biggest challenge of all is driving customers to your store so that you can sell them on what you have to offer. The customer’s attention is often captured first by large corporations, and that can make it impossible for you to gain new customers and grow your business.

While that’s certainly true with traditional advertising methods that are dominated by the biggest companies in the world, it’s not true with digital marketing. In fact, because of the slow nature of bigger companies, many have failed to capitalize online, and that leaves an excellent opportunity for small business owners like yourself.

One method that is particularly powerful is known as search engine optimization or SEO which is how you get your website to appear at the top of the Google search results. After all, thousands of local people search online each month for terms related to your business and appearing at the top will spread brand awareness and bring them to your site.

This is incredibly powerful because it’s free traffic once you rank, meaning that the only cost is the initial cost of ranking you for any given keyword.

My name is Clayton Johnson if you don’t know me already, and I’m an SEO expert. I recognized this opportunity years ago and decided to dedicate myself to become one of the best SEOs on the planet. Today, I spend most of my time helping local business owners like yourself to rank higher, bring in more traffic and generate more revenue each month.

Why You Should Choose Me

Unlike most SEO providers I don’t only deal with one part of your SEO, I use everything within my power to ensure that you appear at the top of the search results.

Google is influenced by two main factors; the content which is on your page and how many people are referring to that page around the web. This translates to how good is the page and do people care about it?

My job is to optimize your content, so Google loves it and then to create publicity around the web so that your rankings will increase.

To do this, I have three SEO packages depending on how many keywords you want to target and your monthly budget. All include the following; keyword research, content production, on-page optimization, and linkbuilding.

These four steps are the biggest game changers in the SEO world, and I will employ them on behalf of you, increasing your websites rankings and bringing in more traffic to your site. Of course, the more traffic you have, the more sales you should be able to make.

Helping Businesses in New York to Grow Since 2011

For many years now I’ve been doing just that for local businesses in New York, and now I’m offering that service to you too. Get in contact with me today and let’s drive more targeted traffic to your website.

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  • New York City

    NYC is probably the most competitive business environment in the world, and that’s why it’s vital that you invest in your SEO. You have to stand out if you want to survive, it’s impossible for you to grow with traditional advertising methods when the biggest brands dominate it and that’s why you must go online where they are weak.

  • Town of Hempstead

    Even if smaller areas the competition can be brutal. How many first page rankings do you have? How many does the competition have? If you’re not winning, you are leaking customers directly to your competition every day.

Investing in Your SEO

Presuming that you believe that people will always use search engines you must recognize that investing in your SEO is inevitable. However, right now the competition is weak, and that represents a fantastic chance for you to grow. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, take the chance and invest in your SEO.

Generate More Revenue

Bringing in the most targeted traffic possible (organic search engine traffic) is a quick way to increase your revenue. Ranking at the top of the search engines is akin to having the most massive and brightest sign of 5th Avenue; it’s going to attract the most visitors to your store.

Once those people are on your website, they are far more likely to contact you, checkout or come directly to your site when they eventually need your products or services. SEO is a powerful marketing method, contact me today and let’s grow your business.