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Digital marketing is, in my opinion, one of the greatest opportunities for small businesses in this day and age. Traditional advertising methods are usually dominated by Fortune 500 companies, but many of them don’t take full advantage of the internet. This leaves a gap in the market for small businesses who are willing to invest in digital marketing.

Perhaps the biggest development of the digital era is the search engine, companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing can give you answers instantly to any questions you could ever have. But if you ask a question related to your industry, does your website appear first?

If not, that traffic is going to your competitors instead of you, losing your customers directly to the other businesses in your industry. Search engine optimization or SEO is how companies can rank their websites at the top of the results page, and it’s an incredibly valuable technique that drives traffic to your site and spreads brand awareness.

For many years now I’ve dedicated myself to SEO, helping local business owners like yourself to acquire more customers and increase your revenue.

Why You Should Pick Me for Your SEO

Having done SEO for many years now, I’ve had the opportunity to run countless tests so that I have identified precisely what methods increase your rankings. But more importantly my experience has primarily been with local businesses, and through that, I’ve learned how to get surprising results with small budgets.

I offer three different packages depending on how much money you want to spend each month, but they all guarantee you first page rankings. My work relies on the principles that Google wants from you; fantastic content that is well-optimized and has publicity across the web, that’s why I’m so confident in my ability to rank your site.

The first step I take is to conduct a detailed keyword research which will allow me to figure out what people are searching for in your industry. But more importantly, I can see which of those keywords you could rank for. My goal is to find you uncompetitive keywords that will be easy to rank for but will also generate targeted traffic for your site.

Next, I will create multiple pieces of high-quality content for your website and optimize them for those keywords. Google and the other search engines will index this content, and because the keywords are uncompetitive, you should be able to rank relatively high quite quickly.

To move those keywords up to the first page, I will build contextual backlinks which are links from within the body of an article on another site. Google treats these links as signals that your content is excellent (which it will be), and they will rank you higher as a result.

Driving Traffic to Businesses in North Dakota Since 2011

All of these tactics combined can bring in a considerable amount of traffic which you can convert into paying customers, increasing your monthly revenue.

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  • Fargo

    For businesses in Fargo SEO is your chance to stand out from the herd and bring in customers. It’s difficult to do that with traditional advertising because it’s so expensive, but SEO is a relatively cheap marketing tactic.

  • Bismarck

    As a local business owner in Bismarck, if people search for terms related to your industry do you rank number one? If not, you’re missing out on thousands of visitors each month who are already interested in your products and services.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to get started, which you should be, you need to decide on which package is optimal for you. SEO often takes a few months to produce tangible results, and that’s why you should choose which package you can afford to invest in for 6-months.

Once you have decided on the right package for you, I will start working to rank your site and bring in more traffic. At the end of each month, I will send you a detailed report showing you exactly what has been done, as well as how it has impacted your rankings.

Grow Your Business

SEO is a fantastic opportunity, but it won’t be around forever. Eventually, the SERP’s will become more competitive, but getting started now gives you a tremendous head start and ensures that your competition will be chasing you instead of vice versa. Get in contact with me today and let’s grow your business!