Three Steps to Kick-starting a Writing Habit for SEO

Three and a half years ago when I started getting into Web Design, I had no idea how much my journey in digital marketing would lead to me writing, let alone writing every day.

I did hear blogging was a smart idea, but it felt far off – like a nice to have, but generally unnecessary element to my new web design career I was cultivating. How little did I understand, I was going to be propelled into a world of written content being valued for it’s ideas, it’s word count, and it’s value to get websites higher in search engines.

What benefits has writing brought to my life?

I started with a couple blog posts about fonts, sharing with my designer community while I was still in college and a couple self-promotional posts, some things about UX and Web Design, and I slowly started to recognize how valuable a net of content is after reading ‘Convert: Designing Websites to Increase Traffic and Conversion.’ The book’s main idea is that if a website is built on a structure that allows easy expansion of content of various types it’s overall opportunities for bringing people in off of search increases exponentially.

These very solid meat and potatoes reasons for writing content have been rounded out by the increased clarity the process brings to my thinking process and my ability to articulate ideas in a way people understand. This is my thought process after writing regularly for 3 years and every day for the last 100. To me things worth doing regularly require a certain force of habit, so I for me kick-starting it into fifth gear requires some kind of commitment to myself – here are my three steps for kick-starting a writing habit for SEO (and for all the other reasons that make writing awesome.)

  1. Read a lot, and read books particularly about writing

For the most part it’s easier to be a writer if you’re a reader. The flow and rhythm of different writers wears off on you. Readers are leaders anyway, as the old adage goes – so prioritize acquiring new information through reading on a regular basis.

I spent a lot of time in my early twenties reading classic literature, books on the occult, psychology and strange fiction but as I’ve grown older I’ve transitioned to business success, marketing and traffic and conversion books. Two books that I’d strongly suggest if you’re just kickstarting a writing habit:

  1. Make a commitment to yourself to write a new piece every week, day or month and share your commitment with others

Committing to oneself that you are going to write isn’t enough. Give yourself more parameters about what you’re going to do. If you can’t write every day or every week, understand that you should set a real accomplishable interval (despite your business schedule.)

  1. Connect your writing to your business goals and recognize the benefits, make a push so you can realize some significant ROI.

If you write about what you do on a regular basis you can speak authoritatively, share value, and put out excellence into the world. Don’t be shy, realize you have some original thoughts and other people will be glad to soak them up.

A commitment to writing at a certain interval for a certain length of time (3 Months might be a great place to start) and connecting the writing to your business goals, don’t focus on the outside rewards. Outside rewards take a lot longer, but recognize the ability for writing to clarify your thoughts and even to learn new things will happen even your first couple times!

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