Top 10 Twitter Add-ons For Firefox

With Twitter showing more strength and social media influence by the day, it's only natural that as more and more people jump on board the Twitter train, they will start exploring all of the available third party tools available to take their social media experience on Twitter to the next level.

Lucky for them, there are literally hundreds (dare I say, thousands) of Twitter related tools available to help them be the best Tweeters they can possibly be. One segment of these new Twitter organizational tools can be found in the form of Mozilla Firefox add-ons. I think that these Twitter related add-ons might be a little more "newbie" friendly for those that are just starting to branch out with third party Twitter tools, so below, I'll give a quick overview of 10 popular Twitter add-ons for Firefox.

TwitterFox 1.8

TwitterFox is one of the more popular Twitter add-ons for Firefox at the time of this writing, and for good reason. TwitterFox is a very simple, yet very useful add-on that places a small icon in your status bar that will notify you when your friends tweet something new. Not only that, you can also make an update to your timeline in the text input field provided, making it extremely convenient to make and check updates on the fly.


TwitterBar 2.5

Talk about a brilliantly fun little tool. The TwitterBar add-on lets you tweet straight from the Firefox address bar! Not only that, but it also allows you to search twitter and post links as well. I think this is just the coolest little add-on that allows for rapid fire searches and tweets in a convenient place.


Power Twitter

This is another popular Twitter add-on that shouldn't be overlooked, as combined with the power of Firefox, it adds all sorts of cool options to the Twitter web interface. Most notably, with Power Twitter you can also do Facebook status updates, url translation to page titles, include inline embedded videos from youtube, pictures from twitpick and flickr, and so much more. It takes the Twitter interface and basically gives it a solid dose of virtual steroids. This is a very fun add-on that can make for such an enjoyable and rich Tweeting experience.

Power Twitter

Twitter Job Search

Talk about innovative. This plugin deserves a spot on this list without a doubt, due to the nature of the current employment situation in America and really, around the world. Just in case you weren't aware of it, hundreds, if not thousands of job postings make their way onto Twitter on a daily basis, and as more Human Resource managers get the hang of Twitter, you bet there's going to be a lot more job activity on Twitter down the road. This simple add-on allows you to search for real-time specific jobs that have been posted on Twitter (example - Hospital RN in St. Louis). This add-on adds a search bar to your browser so that you don't even have to go to their site if you want to perform a quick job search on the fly.

Twitter Jobs

Twitzer - Twitter Long Text

It was only a matter of time before someone, at some point, said, "wait, 140 characters just isn't enough sometimes"! Luckily, if you want to go over that now famous 140 character limit, you can. With the Twitzer add-on, you simple type however long a message you want in your Twitter interface, and then right click and hit the "Twitzer Tex" button. That's when the magic happens! Twitzer will automatically truncate the text that goes over the limit, post it in a special section they have, and provide a link towards the end of your message that allows people to click through and read the rest of what you had to say. Brilliant, right?



Now here is an example of a highly underrated Twitter add-on that should be getting a lot more attention. What this add-on does is find all the links you share in your Twitter timeline (which are usually of some use to you if you posted them in the first place, right?), and it sends them to your account! This is a phenomenal idea, and I actually can't wait to start using this to see how well it works. There are probably a ton of great links I've shared over the past few months that I wish I would have saved but didn't. Get this one right away.


Twitter Sidebars For Firefox

The next two add-ons are similar in nature - they both act as a quick access twitter interface in the sidebar of your Firefox browser. Of course, most of the functions you would expect to see are available, like sending messages, checking your @ replies, posting links, etc...



Experimental Twitter Add-Ons

The experimental add-ons are available to the public, but haven't undergone a review process, and may be in a beta or prototype stage. Basically this is Mozilla's way of saying "proceed at your own risk, until we confirm it works". Either way, every add-on goes through this stage, and just because it's in the "experimental" stage, doesn't mean it isn't worth checking out.

Clean Tweets

Any regular Twitter user can appreciate the power and potential of having an add-on enabled that automatically filters out spam tweets. Clean Tweets, an experimental add-on that was just recently uploaded to Mozilla, promises to filter out spammy tweets, giving you an overall more enjoyable experience. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Clean Tweets

Mr. Tweet

This looks like more of a novelty Twitter add-on, but don't get me wrong, it could definitely come in handy. This experimental add-on claims to show you statistics about a specific Twitter user, such as how often he/she tweets, whether they are more of the conversational tweeter or a link sharer. This kind of info matters to some people (including me) because I'm not a huge fan of following people that only post links. I like to see if they engage in dialogue as well as sharing helpful links, so this add-on could be something I could get used to.

Mr. Tweet

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you've enjoyed this list of Twitter add-ons for Firefox. Again, with the rise in Twitter usage (even since the start of '09), I'm sure there are a ton of new Tweeters out there that can benefit from one or more of the add-ons listed above. Happy Tweeting!

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