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How many people visit your company website each month? If your business is anything like most local companies, then the answer is ‘not many’ because most small businesses invest in sites, but then they never drive any traffic to them.

It’s not your fault either; you’re a busy person. You work all day in your business, and you might even have a family to deal with at the end of the day! It’s impossible for you to find any spare time to try and drive traffic to your website. That’s why so many different companies in Minnesota have decided to outsource their efforts to me.

Have you heard about SEO? Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of increasing your rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo so that you appear at the top when people search for things related to your business. This is great for you as a business owner because it causes more interested visitors to end up on your website where you can sell to them and convert them into paying customers.

Unfortunately, SEO is seriously confusing. Not many people understand it, and that’s why most people outsource to a professional like me who has dedicated his professional career to understanding search engines and how to rank sites.

I help local businesses to rank their websites, that’s all I do. That means that I have years of experience from working with countless different companies across a vast range of industries, the knowledge which I use to inform my decisions and improve my skills.

What’s So Great About My Packages?

I offer three different packages to clients like you, each will attack your SEO from every angle, the only difference between the packages is the number of keywords that you want to target. Companies with loftier goals should choose the biggest package whereas businesses in rural Minnesota might prefer the smallest option.

Either way, they all work in the same way. I go out and figure out which keywords people in your industry are searching, I create amazing content for you, optimize it and then create publicity online about that content.

Google loves it. That’s why they reward the content that I publish on your website by increasing your rankings and giving you more visibility in the results pages, pushing more traffic to your website.

We are some of the best SEO’s in the world, and we can help you.

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Providing Rocket Fuel for Businesses in Minnesota Since 2011

Since 2011 I’ve been helping local businesses by pouring rocket fuel on their digital marketing efforts. I say rocket fuel because my SEO packages give your rankings a humongous boost, sending them flying to the front page and the top of the results.

As a local business owner in Minneapolis, you know how hard it can be to get new customers. There seem to be hundreds of businesses all competing for the same customers, and that can make it difficult to breakout and see growth.

In my opinion, the best strategy is to battle them where they are weak, and almost every local business is weak online. The local SEO market for your business is probably uncompetitive, giving you a great chance to rank and attract customers.

Clayton, How Do I Get Going?

Good question, the next step for you as the business owner is to figure out which of my SEO packages that you would like to work with. This will depend on the number of keywords that you want to target and budget.

The more keywords you target, the more traffic you will get. However, SEO does take a few months to take effect, and you should ensure that you can afford to invest for at least 6-months in whichever package. If in doubt, pick the middle package which combines value and quantity in one, the perfect choice for most small businesses.


Don’t Miss Out

If you believe that the internet is here to stay (how can you argue with that?), then you must recognize that the search engines are only going to become more competitive. By getting started today, you are getting ahead of the pack, causing the competition to play catchup for the next decade while you sail off with most of the search engine traffic.